Daniel Smith Jean Haines Master Artist Set

You can say it was love at first sight with this beautiful set of vibrant colours – @danielsmithartistsmaterials Jean Haines’ Master Artist Set. I was thinking of the endless possibilities of florals I could create with this set and then I realized it has my other love Moonglow and Lunar blue – colours that present so many possibilities of their own!

This is my go-to set for all my floral experiments as it has the vibrant Opera Pink and three beautiful shades of green to choose from for foliage including the granulating Undersea Green and the Primatek color Green Apatite Genuine. I tried some mini florals to warm up and ended up adding a lot more detail! Notice those granulating backgrounds though! 



There are 10 vivid colors, in 5 ml tubes (both Aussie Red Gold and Imperial Purple are exclusively available in this size for the Jean Haines’ Set). I have added the complete list of colours with swatches and pigment information.

If you are from India and would like to give this set a try, you can purchase it at a 10% discount from KDS Artstore  using the code CD10.

Keep Creating, Keep Inspiring!

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